Julissa Prado’s Self-Funded Hair Care Line Rizos Curls Is Now Available at Target

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
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Just two years after entrepreneur and curly hair influencer Julissa Prado founded her hair care line Rizos Curls, the brand is now available at Target stores across the country.

On Saturday, the Los Angeles-based business woman announced on Instagram that her beloved curly products are hitting the retailer’s shelves.

“I am a chismosa, and I can not hold this news a secret any longer: Rizos Curls is now available at Target stores,” Prado wrote in a caption alongside a series of ’90s mall photoshoot-style images with her, Target’s miniature bull terrier Bullseye mascot and bottles of her hair care products.

In 2017, the Mexican-American curl queen ditched a full-time corporate gig to realize her childhood dream, founding Rizos Curls in October of that year. Since then, she has utilized multiple social media campaigns and cross-country tours to raise brand awareness, quickly becoming one of the most visible and praised brands for people with curls and waves.

In a video post on her personal Instagram account, the Latina tearfully discussed the brand’s humble beginnings. One hundred percent self-funded, Prado said she relied heavily on the help and support of her family and friends, with her cousin designing the logo, she and her brother finding the label and her uncle letting her use his garage as her headquarters.

“When you see the Rizos Curls bottles on the shelf at Target, know that it’s a testament of not just my hard work but of my family, my community. Everyone played a role, and we all made this happen together. Where I come from, this doesn’t happen y’all. Still can’t believe it’s real,” she wrote.

The Rizos Curl’s line includes a hydrating shampoo, deep conditioner, detangling spray, curl defining cream and more. 

“Launching at Target is a dream come true, and we are so excited to share this moment with you,” Prado said.

Find a Target that sells Rizos Curls here.