Justin Bieber Heads to Dyckman to Search For Very Rare Tiguere Pokémon

Lead Photo: Image via Troll Pop
Image via Troll Pop
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As augmented reality app “Pokémon Go” keeps many of us glued to our phones, even Justin Bieber has fallen prey. Over the weekend, a Snapchat user placed him near Dyckman Street and Post Avenue in Inwood – near the Mangu Packing District – tracking what I can only assume is a very rare tiguere Pokémon.

Bieber simply says “gotta catch them all” as he walks out of the frame. In the 10-second clip, he’s also left relatively undisturbed (and unfilmed), which is pretty amazing. Though, honestly, it’s probably because he’s not Romeo Santos.

I like to think he came to Inwood for the “Pokémon Go” (apparently Inwood’s a good spot for Pysduck and Oddish), but that he stayed for the mofongo at Dyckman Express and nutcrackers on some random corner on Post.

[H/T DNA Info]