Justin Bieber Was a Chambelan de Honor at a Fan’s Quinceanera

Lead Photo: Photo by sbossert/ iStock / Getty Images Plus
Photo by sbossert/ iStock / Getty Images Plus
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As Justin Bieber continues his PR redemption tour of 2015, his latest act may have single-handedly restored his reputation. On Tuesday night’s episode of Fox’s Knock Knock Live, Justin threw a quinceañera for one of his biggest fans, Ashley. She had planned the party for years, but was unable to have the party because she was diagnosed with meningitis. In the sweet video, Justin gave her dress options and told her she looks so pretty before surprising her with her party. He then danced with her as he sang along to “Pray,” her favorite song. Really hard to top that quince.

Justin has been into Latino culture lately. Here’s J Balvin teaching Justin how to say parcero, which was def easier for him to say than quinceañera.