Kanye digging Chilean funk

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In the Kanye/50 Cent battle, we’ve always been all about Kanye, but now we think he’s even cooler ’cause he’s a fan of Chilean "supergroup" Los Mono, who we’re fans of too.  Style, talent, good taste in Latin American musica… shit, we don’t care that he’s a crybaby!!!

Check out the video for "Promesas" here (we can’t stop watching it and jamming out at our desks…):

Los Mono rock and take us (me) back to Los Tetas, who we (I…) listened to back in high school (Cristian Moraga aka Funky C from Los Tetas is in Los Mono, cachai?).  Their album Somos Los Que Estamos is on British label sonic360 (also home to other Remezcla faves Kinky, Acida and NY’s own bn loco).  Coool. 

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