Watch: Key & Peele Play “Loco Gangbangers” With Cameo From Richard Cabral

December is a crowded time on the internet, with everyone clamoring to put their final stamp on the year before we all close our laptops and go home for the holidays to binge-watch bad TV. (Incidentally, keep tabs on our final words on the year, being updated here.)

Anyway, it’s understandable if you missed the season finale of Key & Peele this week, (we did) but if so, we’d like to bring your attention to this thoroughly entertaining sketch. I gotta give props to Key & Peele for their rendition of the East L.A. accent. Also, in case you didn’t recognize the vato loco playing Eduardo, that’s Richard Cabral, a real-life former gang member (formerly known as Baby Jokes) who now has a budding acting career. Read our interview with him about his role in Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones here.