If working from home has meant you’re turning to podcasts more often, there’s a new one coming: On Wednesday, Kid Cudi went on Twitter and asked his followers, flat out, if he should start a podcast. The replies began coming in almost immediately, with people chiming in to say “I literally can’t wait” and “1 million percent, yes.” It looks like the positive reception convinced Kudi because about an hour later, he tweeted, “Ok…im doin my own podcast then.”

We don’t know exactly what the podcast will offer and when Cudi is looking to launch it. However, Cudi revealed what he’s thinking a little later and suggested it’ll probably be music and culture-related, with artists and friends coming in.

“All love no shit talking. Only uplifting artists and talkin w my friends and fans. All positive vibes! It’ll be like ur hangin w me smokin and shootin the shit for awhile,” he wrote. “It’ll be meant to comfort the lonely.”

Cudi has been vocal about his struggles with depression and mental health in the past and in his music. Many fans expressed on social media how excited they’d be to see him continue that dialogue through the podcast. Kudi is also supposed to drop his latest album Entergalactic next year; it’s based on an upcoming animated series created by Kenya Barris. All in all, it sounds like Kudi might have some busy months ahead as he makes moves on both projects.