Kid Robot Goes Azteca, WIN a Pair!

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Remezcla is giving away some of these amazing Dunny Azteca Series 2 figurines. We have them in our possession and we’re more than willing to share. Be one of the proud few to own a pair. Scroll down to enter to WIN!

Well aren’t these adorable?! And so ethnic! Japanese toy makers and clothing label Kid Robot just released their Dunny Azteca Series 2, a collection of 14 Aztec-inspired little figurines designed by Mexican artists (see list below). Pick up the family today, which includes smokin’ ranchero Chato, baby Frida Kahlo Fisita, Calendario Azteca toy-fide, and of course, no family’s complete without El Mariachi. These would have been great stocking stuffers, but post-Navidad you can improvise and make them into a bizarre Valentine’s Day gift. If you’re into that sort of thing.


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