LA-Based Artist Patrick Martinez Launches New "Arizona Wetbacks" Video Commercial

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A provocative new commercial by Los Angeles-based artist Patrick Martinez isn’t material commissioned by some right-wing organization.

Earlier this year, and following the signing of SB 1070 in Arizona, Martinez launched a new line of fitted baseball hats with a new team logo: the Arizona Wetbacks. The hats are a direct protest against the racist-based Arizona law (We share a certain contempt for the new law) and, specifically, the ownership of the Arizona Diamondbacks baseball organization.

In a September interview with Senses Lost, Martinez elaborates on why he’s attacked the Arizona Diamonback’s owner Ken Kendrick so fiercely stating “[Ken Kendrick] supports and funds the SB1070 law. He disregards the fact that he has Latin players on his team that will be applauded on the baseball field then asked for their papers when they leave it. So I had to speak on it you know? I had to shout with this one, thats why I went with the racist derogatory word “Wetbacks…”

Video of the promo below.

racist republicans x arizona collab commercial from Patrick Martinez on Vimeo.