La Casa Azul Bookstore to Accept Books This Weekend

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If you’ve been a Remezcla reader for a while, you’re familiar with La Casa Azul Bookstore, which we were very excited to report reached its funding goal and its founder, Aurora Anaya-Cerda, was able to fund a space for an actual brick-and-mortar location for the primarily online bookstore. La Casa Azul finds its home by 103rd and Lexington, making it one of the few bookstores in Spanish Harlem, and its poised to become a real community center, with coffee and pastries and books books books.

Speaking of books, the store can’t do anything without them (obvi) and so, since La Casa Azul also sells used books, Aurora will be at the store accepting your gently used Spanish language or Latin American this Sunday, February 19th from 12-5PM.

What books will La Casa Azul Bookstore carry?

We will carry many different types of books (poetry, general fiction, history, biography, cooking, children’s and more) BUT we specialize in writing by and about Latino culture (sorry, no Nicholas Sparks).

Books that are in great condition and meet the requirements will receive store credit towards the purchase of other books at La Casa Azul Bookstore.

Books we cannot accept:

  • Books that are damaged or missing covers
  • Books with writing, highlighting, or other markings
  • Hardcover books that are missing their dust jackets
  • Former library books (cellophane jacket wrapping or dewey decimal stickers)
  • Magazines, catalogs, encyclopedias, textbooks, computer/software manuals or travel books

Can’t make the hike all the way up to Spanish Harlem? We understand – books are heavy. Because we love you, and we love bookstores, we’re going to get in on the effort to collect books for the store’s opening. That’s right: Remezcla will be accepting books. More details soon, but start getting your literature together?

I have, like, four copies of San Manuel Bueno, Martir I need to get rid of, anyway.

Which books do you plan on donating?