This Supercut Proves “La Chona” Goes With Literally Everything

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Beyoncé and Drake may have gotten the reputation for always dancing on beat, but maybe we should be giving Los Tucanes De Tijuana more credit because “La Chona” is still going strong nearly 10 years later, especially on the Internet. See Exhibit A and B below.

After social media users manipulated Bey’s and Drake’s videos to make them dance to “La Chona,” someone realized that the song goes with everything. A two-minute, slightly NSFW video makes the strongest case that “La Chona” is timeless and not limited by borders.

“LA CHONA” GOES WITH EVERYTHINGPut some of the viral GOATS on this LMAO.. Song is “La Chona” by Los Tucanes De Tijuana LIKE JDOTCDOUBLEE and share the fuck out of this LOL

Posted by JDOTCDOUBLEE on Thursday, October 22, 2015