La Kalle No More

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It took an economic recession to take raggaeton off the airwaves in Chicago. Don’t worry your parents will be happy, as of now La Kalle is Recuerdos 103.1 and 93.5FM. In the already very skim selection of any new Latino music outside of the oldies and las cherras we are now left with solo Recuerdos (pun intended) of the days when you could catch a little Jaguares or Julieta in between all the crap that airs on mainstream radio. In early 2008 La Kalle grew a bit more inclusive and started playing some rock and pop en espanol after a stint as a raggaeton only station. So tune your radios to Radio Arte 90.5fm as it remains the only true latin alternative station in the city. Don’t hate on their limited radius you can always listen online.