La Trivia #6: La Sirena!

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UPDATE: Hints! A new screenshot:

And another hint: Mrs. Bardem.


You know the drill: above is a screenshot from a classic Latin rock music video we’d like you to identify; on Wednesday we’ll give you another couple of hints; on Friday we post the final screenshot on our Facebook page, and if you are the first to correctly identify the video there, you’ll win big!

This week’s prize comes to you from La Sirena, the place to go in New York city for Mexican folk art – and with Day of the Dead coming up on Saturday, it’s a must stop shop. For twelve years now, La Sirena has been showcasing the beautiful, unique handicrafts of Mexican folk artists and designers well over 2,000 miles from the fabled border. Long time friends of Remezcla, this store is a great place to find something for every taste and every need – from jewelry, to art pieces, to tchotchkes, to decorations and housewares,  to clothing, and more Lucha Libre costume than you can clothesline, you can easily empty your wallet on the charming wares in this East Village institution. (Can’t make it to the Village? They take phone orders.)

How much do you think you could spend in one visit? Maybe…$50?

Well what if La Sirena Mexican Folk Art provided one lucky winner a $50 gift certificate, just in time for the holidays?

Yeah, we thought you’d like that. Just stay tuned to Remezcla, and correctly identify the above music video!