When Mexican Officials Tried to Shut Down This Street Vendor, She Turned Her Churros Into a Righteous Weapon

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Sometimes it feels like the laws just aren’t fair. And sometimes those in charge of enforcing the laws are kinda rude. Which is why a glorious video circling Mexican social media has turned a humble street vendor into something like a folk heroine: an identifiable everywoman who translates collective frustrations into a resounding expression of personal empowerment. Meet #LadyChurros.

Yes, that is an indignant middle-aged churrera emptying a basket of churros on a government inspector attempting to shut down her humble stand. It seems the anonymous confectioner was selling her goods in the historical downtown of Toluca, Mexico State, when the authorities asked her to pack it up and hit the road. Frequent visitors to Mexico will know that this sort of informal economic activity is almost universally permitted, but Lady Churros was willing to oblige so long as she could bring her churros and empanadas with her.

That’s when things got salty. Prohibited from packing up the abundant fruits of her labor, Lady Churros decided she’d rather make a bold statement than simply leave her churros to some unknown bureaucrat. And so she dumped dozens – hundreds! – of churros on the unsuspecting inspector, then more on some random other guy, and then just starts throwing out packets of galletas like Oprah on a giving spree.

It’s all very cathartic to watch, and watch again, but stateside readers might want to refrain from taking such audacious action when confronted by law enforcement. Better to stay safe.

This article has been edited for clarity. 

H/T Sopitas