LALIFF Kicks Off Next Week

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If Guillermo del Toro’s well-reviewed, summer spectacular Hellboy II wasn’t the type of Latino film direction you’d normally seek out, then look to this fall’s line-up at the 12th annual Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival (LALIFF). This year’s festival, put on by the non-profit organization Latino International Film Institute, will run from September 12th through the 19th at the Egyptian Theatre and Chinese 6 Mann Cinemas.

Highlights include the Trisha Ziff and Luis Lopez -directed Chevolution, a documentary about the iconic Che Guevara photograph by Cuban Alberto Korda which now graces t-shirts and mouse pads across the globe.

Gael Garcia Bernal (who played Che in The Motorcycle Diaries) and Antonio Banderas (who played Che in Evita) appear in the doc alongside historians, Cuban photographers who knew Korda and other experts .

Also showing is El Camino, directed by Ishtar Yasin, a story about the journey of two Nicaraguan siblings who travel to Costa Rica alone to find their mother.

As the only Latino film festival based in Hollywood, LALIFF is a special opportunity to take in over 100 features, documentaries, or shorts, as well as participate in the public events. Check Remezcla’s event listings for more details, or visit the official website for more information.