Lalo Alcaraz To Raise Funds For Anaheim Victims Of Police Brutality

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It’s been a week since the families of Manuel Diaz and Joel Acevedo lost their sons. Diaz and Acevedo were murdered within 24 hours of each other by members of the Anaheim Police Department; authorities claim that Diaz, 25, who was unarmed, was resisting arrest and that Acevedo, 21, had fired a weapon at officers during a chase, however the circumstances surrounding the fatalities remain unconfirmed. Hundreds of citizens protested the killings the following weekend at City Hall, which led to a number of arrests.

Moved by these events, award-winning cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz created a unique design that he’s selling on shirts. All proceeds from the sales will be donated to the victim’s families to help cover the costs of their children’s funerals.

The design, as seen below,  shows a Punisher skull with Mickey Mouse ears and a pair of shotguns in a skull-n-bones motif, and features the phrase “Anaheim: The Tragic Kingdom” on its rear.

Alcaraz announced his fundraising effort on this past Tuesday, July 31st and has already raised a few hundred dollars. For more details on last week’s events, check out Gustavo Arellano’s story, “Anaheim’s Tragic Kingdom,” at OC Weekly.