LAMC Chats + Live Shows: La Vida Bohème, Cuatro Poder, and Estados Alterados

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Like in the past 12 years, the Latin Alternative Music Conference (LAMC) brings in a cluster of the best leading and emerging Latin artists of the generation. Held at Roosevelt Hotel, Remezcla captured exclusive interviews plus live performances with many of the 2011 LAMC headliners, and local bands we love.

The third round of raw chats and live shows features some of South America’s thriving musicians (first and second ones here). Get ready for the Venezuela’s revolutionary fiesta quartet La Vida Bohème sing “Calle Barcelona” acoustic style, Venezuela-based edgy raperos Cuatro Poder freestyle exclusively for Remezcla, and Colombia’s rockin’ trio Estados Alterados sing “Paraíso” for all you viewers! Plus listen to the convos they tell about some upcoming shows, projects, reflections, and more.

Hosted by Nacotheque’s Marcelo Cunning and moi. Enjoy!

La Vida Boheme

Cuatro Poder

Estados Alterados