Las Notis: Bad Bunny Wants You To Vote, Joe Biden Accepts Presidential Nomination & More

Lead Photo: Instagram: Bad Bunny
Instagram: Bad Bunny
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Las Notis is a daily news column that gets you up to speed on the political, media + other going ons in Latin America and the diaspora—all in one quick digest. 

Here’s your glimpse at what’s going on today:

  • Joe Biden closed out the Democratic National Convention last night by formally accepting the nomination for president with a speech that underscored unity and non-partisanship. He spoke against Trump, saying, “He will wake up every day believing the job is all about him, never about you. Is that the America you want for you, your family, your children?” He continued, “I see a different America, one that is generous and strong, selfless and humble. It’s an America we can rebuild together.” [NYT]
  • While criticism abounded about the lack of Latino voices and representation at the DNC, one moment that connected with viewers involved two immigrant families—that of 11-year-old Estela Juarez and Silvia Sanchez—recounting how their lives have been torn apart by the Trump administration’s policies.
  • Protests in Latin America have taken place from Argentina to Brazil to Panama, reflecting what CNN calls a “toxic cocktail of pandemic and recession” as the region battles with some of the biggest coronavirus epicenters in the world.
  • A recent study of Spanish-language media in the U.S. found that the word “illegal immigrant” is still used frequently, despite changes from publications like the Associated Press, who dropped the term in 2013. [Latino Rebels]
  • Bolivia’s justice ministry filed a criminal complaint charging ousted former president of Bolivia Evo Morales with statutory rape and human trafficking. He has not commented on the allegations, which allege that he began a relationship with an unidentified woman when she was a minor. [BBC]
  • Robert Rodriguez, the actor known for Transformers and the Iron Fist series, said he’s writing a Latino superhero character with the hopes that it’ll become a Marvel movie someday. “There’s so many fascinating Latinx characters out there that haven’t been explored. They’re in the Marvel Universe already, and so, during this whole pandemic and quarantine… I was writing,” he said. [Comicbook]
  • According to Billboard, the Hispanic Heritage Foundation has announced that it’s giving Bad Bunny the annual Hispanic Heritage Award for Vision at their annual celebration this year. Bad Bunny made a rare appearance on Instagram this week to get people to register to vote in Puerto Rico.