Las Notis: Latin America Holds 26.83% of Worldwide Coronavirus Cases & More

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla.
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla.
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Las Notis is a daily news column that gets you up to speed on the political, media + other going ons in Latin America and the diaspora—all in one quick digest. 

Here’s your glimpse at what’s going on today.

  • The United Nations is going to provide temporary housing units for asylum seekers who have been waiting for their U.S. asylum hearings in Mexico. The U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees will provide 48 one-room refugee housing units to address the fact that many shelters have stopped accepting migrants because of the pandemic. [NPR]
  • Hurricane Hanna, registered as a Category 1 storm, hit the Texas-Mexico border and caused flooding in areas already dealing with the spread of COVID-19. Several people in Mexico were reported missing and at least two died. [Latino USA/NPR]
  • As protests continue to intensify in Portland, the Trump administration sends more federal agents to the city. They’ve already been facing off with protesters and heightening tension with aggressive, forceful tactics. [WaPo]
  • To curb police violence and brutality running rampant in Brazil’s majority-Black favelas, the country’s Supreme Court has temporarily banned police raids “except in absolutely exceptional cases.” [Foreign Policy]
  • During an Instagram Live session, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez raised $50,000 for immigrant families who can’t access government assistance. [TW]
  • For the first time, Latin America surpassed the United States and Canada as the region with the most cases of coronavirus. Now, 26.83% of worldwide cases are in Latin America. [NBC]
  • Multinational companies are leaving Argentina—the third-largest economy in Latin America—in droves. [Bloomberg]
  • On Aug. 1, Costa Rica is planning to reopen two of its airports to travelers from the European Union, the United Kingdom and Canada in an effort to boost tourism. Even amid the announcement, its coronavirus numbers have reached single-day highs.