It's Ultra Music Festival's Quinceañera – Celebrate With These Latin Artists

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I admit that I wasn’t a huge EDM fan while I was living in Miami. I would see the stages being set up at Bayfront Park, hear the buzz from my friends, and feel the energy as Ultra approached, but never thought it would be quite my thing. Since moving from Miami, I’ve gone to other festivals that introduced me to dance music and by curiosity, I once stayed for Tiesto at Coachella. After I witnessed over 120,000 dirty, sweating yet ecstatic attendees jumping in unison into the desert air, I saw (and felt) the light.

Since its start 15 years years ago, Ultra has grown beyond being “just” a music festival. It’s part of the EDM religion. It’s the largest electronic festival in the world, and has expanded to cities all over the world, including Ibiza, Buenos Aires, and Sao Paolo. But the true, pulsing heart of Ultra continues to be in Miami. And because Ultra is celebrating her Quinceañera this year, they’ve decided to spread her love over 2 weekends for the first time ever, coinciding with the opening and closing of Winter Music Conference. Turning 15 is one of the most special times of your life, and you can expect the same debauchery, embarrassing dancing, and hideously colored outfits, just with much, much better music.

While the ideal scenario would be to go to both weekends, we know it’s not in everyone’s budget. Which brings about a major dilemma – which weekend to pick? Which artists are performing when? To help you keep track, we created an easy to read Venn Diagram (remember those?) of the hottest acts across both weekends bringing some Remezcla-style Latino flavor to the Ultra stages. And if there’s any year to be at Ultra, 2013 is it. Full lineup and times here.

And if you can’t make it down to Miami or you just want to start warming up, you can check out Remezcla’s rowdy Ultra Music Festival Quinceanera Playlist on Spotify below: