Latin Bands At CMJ 2012: The Map

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CMJ 2012 is upon us! As anyone who’s ever experienced this whirlwind of performances knows, a good deal of planning is necessary to make sure you catch all the bands you want to see. We’ve already provided you with a guide to the Latin Bands to Watch this year, but knowing who to see isn’t enough. To maximize show intake, you have to know where the venues are in relation to one another so you can map optimal concert route. Which is why we organized all the info for you in your handy CMJ 2012 LATIN BANDS MAP! It’s color coded and everything:

Dark Blue Dot = Shows taking place Tuesday, Oct. 16
Red Dot = Shows taking place Wednesday, Oct. 17
Yellow Dot = Shows taking place Thursday, Oct. 18
Green Dot = Shows taking place Friday, Oct. 19
Light Blue Dot = Shows taking place Saturday, Oct. 20

Each dot includes a link to Remezcla’s event listing for the show, so you can get all the information you need to plan yer eargasms. Que vayan con Dios mijitos!