Latin Grammys Person of The Year: Caetano Veloso

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It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself a fan of Brazilian music or not, no one can deny that Caetano Veloso is one of the country’s most long lasting and influential musicians. And although everyone has a favorite Caetano “era”, the most popular usually being the Tropicalia movement collaborations with big ones like Gilberto Gil, Gal Costa & Os Mutantes, together they vocalized a generation of socially outspoken artists who shaped the face of popular Brazilian music today. Exiled to London in ’68, he became a citizen of the world, and when the 80s came along he began touring internationally.

Now, over 40 albums produced, eight Latin GRAMMYS® & two GRAMMYs® later, the Latin Recording Academy® is granting Veloso the Person of The Year Award on November 14th. Gabriel Abaroa Jr., CEO/President of the Academy, announced the decision by highlighting the musician’s more than 5 decades in the industry, as well as his efforts beyond music:

It is difficult to find a man with such immense talent, passion and dedication to his creative projects — whether in music, writing or activism — and it is The Latin Recording Academy and its Board of Trustees’ great pleasure to celebrate a man of limitless talent and commitment. By celebrating Caetano, we celebrate Brazil, and we look forward to honoring his amazing career and music.

A double congrats is in order as Caetano Veloso also just celebrated his 70th birthday. It looks like América is loco for him too…

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