Latin Halloween Costume Ideas 2011

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It’s not as if Latino culture doesn’t afford you any number of Latin costume ideas – hell, just flip on a TV on a Saturday and you’ll see a ton of crazy costumes. There’s no shortage of distinctive characters out of folklore and history, either. Half the fun of a really good Halloween costume, though, is having it be immediate and topical, the sort of thing people walk past on the street and go, “Oh hey! He/She’s dressed as _________”

Here’s a list of Latin costumes for Halloween 2011 that really scream 2011. Choose one from this list, or come up with your own, but be sure to send us pictures of your Latin-themes Halloween costume to!


Anchor Baby

“Anchor baby” is a term the GOP likes to use in debates when they’d like to tell the 14th amendment to fuck itself. You see, brown people come to this country and squeeze out children as “anchors” so that they can’t get thrown out – a ridiculous claim not based in any law (the parents don’t necessarily get any protections or ctizenship) or understanding of how people relate to the fruit of their loins. Never mind that, like “illegals,” it’s an odious noun that seeks to divorce humanity from the issue of immigration; never mind that it’s awful, racist, and alienating to Latino voters to imply that Mexicans can possibly view children as a strategy and nothing more; never mind that the “anchor baby” is a fully legal American citizen with all the protections and rights and due respect from elected officials that that citizenship implies, by dint of the same amendment that guarantees that every Republican on the dais is a citizen.

Mexicans, the GOP candidates seek to assure you, are icky.

So since everyone’s talking about anchor babies, why not dress up as one for Halloween? Onesie pijamas, a bonnet, and citzenship papers? A diaper, a pacifier, and a green card? Or why not just go for the visual pun, and carry around a toy anchor? A Mexican flag will seal the deal.


Mark Sanchez

Jets team captain and engineer of the 2011 almost-but-not-quite comeback in the AFC Championship game against the Steelers, Mark Sanchez is loved by some because of his skill, some because of his looks, and by Latinos because of both of those things and also because his last name is Sanchez. Football equipment and a Sanchez jersey are all you need to buy – you’re on your own as far as the chiseled, manly features go. We’d recommend a “2nd Place” trophy or a “First runner up” ribbon.



We had high hopes for Colombiana, but unfortunately the film didn’t deliver. Still…I mean look at her. As far as sexy Halloween costumes go, this one is super easy. White tanktop, black shorts, ponytail, a gun, sweat, and a bad attitude. Vendetta and murdered parents are optional.


New Spider Man

We had a lot of fun with this earlier this year, when it was announced that, in Marvel’s Ultimates universe, after Peter Parker bought the farm he would be replaced by Miles Morales, a young half-Black, half Latino Spider Man that follows in his predecessor’s footsteps. Similar to the regular Spider Man costume, this one is black with red webbing. There’s some DIY involved, here, but c’mon…how cool is he? It’s worth it.


Oscar De La Hoya in Drag

We’re not going to link you to the photos that the boxer just admitted were real. (You’ve probably seen them already.) But. Yeah. It’d make a good costume.



You know the drill – Mexican revolutionaries get sombreros and ponchos and ammo belts; South American and Caribbean revolutionaries get fatigues and automatics; everyone gets more facial hair than they know what to do with. Why is this a 2011 costume? Simple: slap a “99%” on you somewhere, or an #occupy hashtag.

Think about it.



Perhaps no Latino recording artist right now is as overexposed right now as Pitbull – he is in every ad campaign and rapping on everyone’s song. As such, your Pitbull costume will be instantly recognizable. Miami style – white linen pants are a must – and swagger, plus a bald cap (extra points if you shave your head) and a pair of aviators will make you instantly recognizable as Mr. 305 himself.


J.Lo and Marc Anthony

A Latino power couple fallen. Extra points if you wear a tux and a wedding dress.



Cantinflas would have celebrated his 100th birthday this year. After passing away in ’93, he left a vacuum in his wake. When the best we have in Latin comedy these days are on Gabriel Iglesias’ new show Comedy Revolution (“Haha get it? ‘Cause they’re Mexican…”) then we are well and truly screwed. Show your love and nostalgia with a nice soldier cap, a funny moustache, a white henley, slacks, and shoes. Smear a little dirt on you. Smoke a cigarette. Talk so fast no one can stop to think about how ridiculous you are.


What would you dress as?