SUMMER guide IS almost HERE

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We are  bringing you THE GUIDE to summer events in 2012. Latino Style. Expect it to drop this weekend. We’ve carefully crafted the Remezcla guide to function as your GPS, helping you to navigate this multi-borough heat, and ultimately, find the best places to spend your hard-earned cash. Or not. We’ve handpicked a number of FREE events and will guide you to get there as well. Even when the trains don’t run on time, we want to make sure you’re enjoying the journey. Remember you’re on vacation. Take a break. Take it slow. Have fun. But don’t miss out on these parties, concerts, special spots and festivals. You might regret what you miss: Un verano en Nueva York. 3 months long. Over 50 Latin festivals & events. The door is closing. To enjoy the best summer of your life, follow us inside!

Remember when 365 days ago Remezcla brought you the SPOT:

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Get ready! We’re bringing you cool surprises this summer…you never know…