Latin Word of the Day: Tiguere

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Definitions of Tiguere

1. A street-wise, savvy man
2. Informal address for a man
3. A hustler or thug, or otherwise shady person

Examples of Tiguere

1. Ese tiguere cree que es un tiguere! (That guy thinks he’s such a badass!)
2. ¿Que lo que, Tiguere? (Whats up, dude?)
Hoy se beeeeeeeeeeeebe! (We’re getting drunk tonight!!)
3. Cuidado, que hay bastantes tigueres en el Bronx. (Watch out, theres a lot of shady people in the Bronx)

Rhymes with Tiguere

Libre, Jengibre

Sammy Sosa, our Latino tiguere inspiration: