Ca$hflow: Like Latina Heroes? Let’s Make More of Them

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Back in May Remezcla asked “Where are the Latino Superheroes?” Looks like we weren’t the only ones wondering. Meet Alana Macías, the creator and writer of awesome graphic novel Zero Libertad. The Zero Libertad project caught our eye because it features something you don’t see too often: a badass Latina super heroine. The plot centers around eponymous protagonist Zero, the daughter of a CIA agent and the leader of the Nicaraguan Contras. After being murdered, Zero is resurrected by the spirits of the 3rd World dead, and with them as her guide, she goes on a mission to avenge herself and all of the 3rd World, starting by targeting the CIA agent that killed her: her own mother.

Alana, a Semi-Finalist for the Sundance Screenwriters Lab and Finalist for the NY Public Theater’s Emerging Writer’s Group, says:

I wrote Zero because I’ve never seen stories in popular culture written about Nicaragua and it’s history with the U.S. (it’s a long and intimate one!), the history of what’s been done in Latin America, or how that generational trauma can be transformed into something beautiful.

We agree. Check out her Kickstarter – featuring tons of beautiful illustrations – and learn more about the project, which is part of a much larger artistic experience that incorporates a live music performance and 3-D video. And chip in some dollars if you’re into boss bitch Latina heroes!