Latina Journalists Honored with ‘¡De Última Hora!’ Museum Exhibit — Here’s Where

Lead Photo: Smithsonian Museum
Smithsonian Museum
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A new, bilingual exhibition at the National Museum of American History inside the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. is honoring Latina broadcasters in Spanish-language TV.

The exhibit, “¡De Última Hora! Latinas Report Breaking News,” features a number of former and current journalists, including María Elena Salinas, Blanca Rosa Vílchez, Dunia Elvir, Marilys Llanos, Gilda Mirós, Lori Montenegro, and Ilia Calderón.

“[These women] serve as the face, the trusted source and voice for Spanish-speaking communities in the U.S.,” exhibit co-creator Melinda Machado told NPR.

María Elena Salinas is currently a contributor for ABC News. “Each one of these ladies has an incredible story of resilience, drive, strong work ethic, dedication, compassion, at times sacrifice and always commitment,” Salinas wrote on social media.

Blanca Rosa Vílchez is a senior correspondent at Univision in New York.

Dunia Elvir is a news anchor at Telemundo in Los Angeles.

Marilys Llanos is a lead reporter at Telemundo in Miami.

Gilda Mirós worked as a journalist and documentary filmmaker.

Lori Montenegro is the bureau chief at Telemundo in Washington, D.C.

Ilia Calderón is an anchor at Univision.

“Latina journalists are always there, covering breaking news,” Salinas says in a video playing in the exhibition. “We feel a deep responsibility, not only to inform, but also to help the community understand and navigate our complex reality.”

Salinas continued: “Despite the many barriers Latina journalists on television have broken, there is still a long way to go, but I know we are up for the challenge because our community deserves the highest quality news.”

“¡De Última Hora! Latinas Report Breaking News” runs through May 2025.