Latina Magazine Blows Your Mind With 100 Secret Latinos

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Okay, maybe mindblowing is a bit of an oversell, but it’s definitely worth a look-see/hour of workday procrastination.

Latina Magazine recently released a list of 100 Stars You Never Knew Were Latino. Sometimes they stretch the definition of Latino (does Anderson Cooper really count because of his great, great grandfather?) and often stretch the definition of star (there are a good many people on this list whom I never knew were Latino because I never knew they were actual people that existed)…and hell, in more cases than you would think on a list like this it stretches the definition of “you never knew” – there are a lot of actors on here, for example, with Latin names and a “Latin look” that play Latin characters, so who’s confused?

Still, it’s worth it for the real surprises, though perhaps the biggest surprise is how many people still feel they have to change their last names to get ahead.