Latina Superfan Is Drinking the Trump Kool-Aid But It Might Actually Be Lean

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Myriam Witcher, the Latina superfan that Donald Trump could not stop inappropriately touching, was interviewed by a few news stations the same day she had her encounter with the presidential candidate. The Internet first joked that she was paid by Trump to make it appear like he’s down with Latinos, but after hearing her speak, it seems she’s inexplicably ride or die for him.

The Donald J. Trump superfan, “I saw Mr. Trump only in my dreams”

Posted by CNN on Friday, October 9, 2015

While speaking to CNN, Witcher said she had only seen Trump in her dreams prior to their brief meeting. “I believe in the law of attraction. I believe in [being] a positive person, and three days before he came to Las Vegas, I told my husband, ‘Trump’s in my dreams.’”

She said she then went on his Facebook page to get his attention. But what really doesn’t make sense is her saying she’s a positive person, despite the fact that Trump is fed by negativity because that’s how trolls work.

Miriam Wither, la colombiana que subió al escenario para apoyar a Trump, explica las razones por la que ama al magnate.

Posted by Noticias Telemundo on Saturday, October 10, 2015

She also spoke to Telemundo, and echoed many of Trump’s words. “Mexico had no reason to send any Mexican to the United States when Mexico is 1,000 times better off economically than the United States” she said. “When I bring someone illegally, I’m showing my son since childhood that it’s OK to break the rules… We need to unite to vote for the right person.”

Um ok.

Despite being directly asked on numerous occasions whether the Trump campaign reached out to her prior to her appearance, Wither never directly answers.