This Card Game Is a Fun & Nostalgia-Filled Way To Test Your Knowledge on Latino Culture

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Cards for All People
Courtesy of Cards for All People
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If you don’t know who Walter Mercado is, never watched Laura or don’t answer “se fue” when asked “¿donde esta Maria?” chances are someone has revoked your Latino card. While Latinidad is far from a monolith, including people of various regions, languages, races and traditions, there are a few cultural understandings that unite us all, and if anyone in the community catches you slipping, they have no qualms calling you out. Now, that good-natured humiliation can happen during a game of Latino Card Revoked.

Created by Cards for All People, Latino Card Revoked is a fun, nostalgia-filled card game testing players’ knowledge on all things Latinidad.

“Latino Card Revoked is unique because it’s written for us by us,” comedian Tori Pool, who co-created the game alongside funny girl Glorelys Mora, tells Remezcla.

Together, the comedians, who represent the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Peru, came up with 81 question cards and 24 response cards that test everything from how to get rid of mal de ojo, Celia Cruz’s full name and who you call when you have that fire bochinche.

“Latino Card Revoked is important because it adds another layer to our tradition and re-inspires everyone to preserve the important moments. It’s a great conversation starter and there is no better way to connect during the holidays than to have a valuable conversation that bonds generations in a living room and inspires people to get back up and dance,” Mora says.

Latino Card Revoked is the latest game from Cards for All People. Founded in 2015, the company carries multiple versions of Black Card Revoked as well as Gay Card Revoked, the women’s-themed Girls Night Out and the sex and relationships game Lip Service, among many more.

Latino Card Revoked released this month and is currently available online for $15.