Latino Stamps for your Latino Mail

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This past week—Wednesday, to be exact—five Latino musical legends were honored by having their likenesses emblazoned on postage stamps. Those honored: Tito Puente, Celia Cruz, Carmen Miranda, Carlos Gardel, and Selena. While we think this is pretty cool, not everyone is super happy. According to the NY Daily News, NYU Professor Juan Flores, while reflecting on the history of the USPS’ Latino honorees over the years, responds

“Do Latinos do anything but entertainment and sports? Everything is about the body, nothing about the mind, and everything about fitting in and entertaining everybody rather than challenging.”

Fair point, profe, but we still appreciate the recognition when we get it. Instead, the question Remezcla’s asking is: who are these people that still send letters via snail-mail, and how can we become their friend?