Latinos’ Top Spiritual Advisor Walter Mercado Goes In on Donald Trump’s Future

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Donald Trump might as well quit the presidential race with his dignity without fully embarrassing himself, because Walter Mercado has looked to the stars and seen his grim future. As The Advocate reports, Walter doesn’t typically make political statements, but we’re glad he did this time. Latinos’ go-to astrologist and spiritual advisor released an audio YouTube video, where he said that people were going to stop supporting him once they saw how egocentric, xenophobic, and unaware he is of the political landscape (though we saw it from Day 1). If you also think that Trump sounds as though he’s just making shit up as he goes, Walter said it’s because he is. Trump has a dominant fire element, which makes him impulsive, aggressive, and generally the worst. Walter basically said Trump is an adult baby who has no control over his own emotions. He signed off by saying, “Astrologically, Mr. Donald Trump’s future isn’t bright, especially when it comes to a future in politics.” Ethered.