As we all navigate a new reality that swiftly went from panicked distanced dates to masked rallies for the end of systemic racism and end of policing as we know it, people across industries are taking steps to give back how they see fit.

For visual artists in film, graphic design and photography, selling prints of their best work and investing earnings into pro-Black initiatives is an obvious, easy choice. The latest collective to do so is a group of over 70 artists who are bonded by the desire to be active allies. The group includes 12 Latinx contributors with rich art backgrounds and work that reflects their respective cultures, which range from that of Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Cuba and more.

On June 16, they put their prints for sale with Reframing The Future as the title. Posters and prints are available for $25 to $100 depending on size, with additional costs for shipping. 100% of proceeds go to National Bail Out and the Marsha P. Johnson Institute. The prints are on sale until June 30.

“We believe confronting white supremacy cannot be achieved without a commitment to honesty, accountability, and direct action,” they wrote. Below are selects you can get from Latinx photographers like Myriah Acosta and Hans Neumann.

“Untitled,” C-Print. Photo by Rafael Rios. Courtesy of RTF.

“Veggie Flower,” C-Print. Photo by Vanessa Granda. Courtesy of RTF.

“tell me about the first time you floated freely,” C-Print. Photo by June Canedo de Souza. Courtesy of RTF.

“Pain inside,” C-Print. Photo by Camila Falquez. Courtesy of RTF.

“Wholeness,” C-Print. Photo by Gabriel Boaz Munhoz. Courtesy of RTF.

“Magenta,” C-Print. Photo by Myriah Acosta. Courtesy of RTF.

Marae Arahurahu, C-Print. Photo by Emmanuel Sanchez Monsalve. Courtesy of RTF.

“Devan,” C-Print. Photo by Cruz Valdez. Courtesy of RTF.

“We were not here,” 2019, C-Print. Photo by Hans Neumann. Courtesy of RTF.

Untitled, 2019, C-Print. Photo by Sabrina Santiago. Courtesy of RTF.