Laura Bozzo’s Jerry Springer-Style Show May Get Her Kicked Out of Mexico

Lead Photo: Luis Veloz
Luis Veloz
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After wearing out pretty much everyone in Peru, Laura Bozzo aka “Señorita Laura” aka la vergüenza nacional de Peru relocated to Mexico several years ago, where she’s continued to make embarrassing television.

Laura de Todo, which is basically The Jerry Springer Show but even more outrageous, is an unflattering portrait of everyone involved. Consider the episode which dealt with a woman finding out that her deceased husband had a secret family. Bozzo literally bitches out the a box of the dead man’s ashes. Here’s a GIF because it certainly happened, even as people side eyed her.

If you were like me as a kid, you were most definitely watching. And that’s exactly her problem. The Mexican Secretariat of the Interior is analyzing a petition by Party of the Democratic Revolution that may get Bozzo deported because the show is considered unfit for children. The petition said, “It’s abundantly known as a daily show filled with mediocrity, sensationalism, falsehoods, without credibility and humiliating and denigrating actions for the people who decide to participate in this television program, which is aired during an inappropriate hour, because children and adolescents also watch it.” Ouch, we felt that burn.

Bozzo, on the other hand, had some words for the PDR. “I am more Mexican than chile. Over my dead body. No one will take me out of Mexico. This is my country. I love it. I know my rights. We’re talking about a television program, for God’s sake! It seems really absurd. Is it a crime helping people? It seems embarrassing to me, honestly.” Maybe, but she also threw shade at La Tigresa del Oriente, and you know what team we’re on.