On several occasions, the federal government has shown a disregard for Central American lives. From tear gassing them at the border to separating children from their parents to contributing to the deaths of children in their custody, they have treated Central Americans with little respect. On Wednesday, during a hearing with acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan, Rep. Lauren Underwood said the Trump Administration is purposefully harming these communities.

“With five kids that have died, 5,000 separated from their families, I feel like the evidence is really clear that this is intentional,” Underwood said. (By Wednesday night, the number had risen to six). “It’s intentional, and it’s a policy choice being made on purpose by this administration.”

Her words stirred up Republicans, with Rep. Mike Rogers putting words in her mouth, making it appear as though she accused them of murder.

“I did not say it was murder,” she said. “I said that five people have died as a result of a policy choice that he has said. … He has said that he stands by the policy decisions of this administration … and he says he stands by the budget request. This is a policy choice.”

Regardless of the very important points she made, the Republican members of the House Homeland Security committee voted to remove Underwood’s comments from the record.