In the decades that Leonardo DiCaprio has gone from child actor to A-list star, he’s also become an ardent champion of environmentalism. Since the 1990s, DiCaprio has invested time and money to raise awareness about climate change, endangered species, and other issues. Now, the actor has joined Kingo Energy – a company that aims to “eradicate energy poverty” – as a board member and investor.

DiCaprio made his announcement on social media along with a video that illustrates the challenges that those in remote locations face because of a lack of electricity. The solar tech company is offering a prepaid energy service to small and remote areas. Founded in 2013, Kingo has installed more than 60,000 units.

“We are honored to have Leonardo DiCaprio, someone who is seriously committed to addressing climate and environment-related causes, invest in Kingo and join our board of advisors,” said Juan Fermín Rodriguez, the Guatemalan founder and CEO of Kingo. “Leo will help advise Kingo as we work to achieve growth through expanded R & D capabilities and new market entry strategies. We remain committed to developing innovative solutions to the 1.2 billion people who currently live in the dark.”

This isn’t the first time Leo has talked about Guatemala. A couple months ago, he denounced deforestation taking place in the Maya Biosphere Reserve.

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#Regram #RG @rainforestalliance: Guatemala’s Maya Biosphere Reserve is a marvel of vast, unbroken forest canopy, rich biodiversity, and archeological treasures. Yet this majestic oasis faces terrible threats: In some areas of the reserve, deforestation related to illegal logging and illicit drug-related activity is laying waste to precious ecosystems, centuries-old cultures, and traditional livelihoods. However, in the “multiple-use zone” section of the reserve, the Rainforest Alliance and our partner communities have developed a thriving forest economy—and achieved an astonishing near-zero deforestation rate. Now that’s how you #FightDeforestation. #RainforestAlliance #Guatemala #CommunityForestry #MayaBiosphereReserve #Tikal #ZeroDeforestation #FollowTheFrog

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