This Junior High Student is Running His Own School in Argentina

Lead Photo: Photo by Caiaimage/Sam Edwards
Photo by Caiaimage/Sam Edwards
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At his young age, Leonardo Nicanor Quinteros is not only a dutiful, he’s also the director of his own school. Nico, as he’s known to those closest to him, hails from Las Piedritas in San Juan, Argentina. At age 12, he started his own school at his grandmother’s house. Initially, Nico merely wanted to provide additional help to those who were struggling with school or studying, but eventually his efforts became the Escuela Patria Unidad, where he serves as the director.

The classes take place in the afternoon after he attends his own school, according to La Nación. He has 36 students that attend everyday, and the school teaches six primary-level courses and one for kindergarteners. Some of the professors are his own classmates. Even though the school is primarily for children, there are some adults, who may not have had educational opportunities in their youth, in the student body.

Escuela Patria Unidad has grown since its inception. At first, his family helped fund the school, but since then, acquaintances and neighbors have also chipped in. Currently, the school has a board and a library, and like other schools, there’s a bell that alerts students to recess.

Check out Metro Ecuador’s video about Nico’s school below.

METRO: Tiene 12 años y fundó su propia escuela para ayudar a los más necesitados

Tiene 12 años y fundó su propia escuela para ayudar a los más necesitados

Posted by Metro Ecuador on Monday, March 11, 2019