Levantando Chile

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As we all know another earthquake shook the earth once again, but this time it was in South America, unfortunately in Chile. Chile is located under the “Circle of Fire” one of the most seismic zones in the world, and although it was not as damaged as Haiti our Chilean brothers and sisters need our help. Communications are down and highways have been greatly damaged. Many stand without roofs and rescue teams are still working to find people in between what has been destroyed.

Wondering what can be done? You can from right here, and this Thursday is your chance. Tomorrow, March 4th, Puro Chile, an organization located in downtown Manhattan along with Nesst are hosting a benefit party that will support local Chilean non-profit organizations that are channeling assistance to communities on the ground.

At this event, art and wine auctions will take place. Fine arts artists and performers from Chile will be present, among them Jorge Tacla, Sebastian Errazuriz and jazz musician Claudia Nuñez performing. Don’t miss this opportunity to help Chile and also have a charming and entertaining night.

Puro Chile is located at 221 Centre Street (across of Grand Street) and the event will be from 6pm to 10pm. You can also RSVP at