Listen: Axolotes Mexicanos' Infectados EP [ESP]

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It’s been nearly two years to the day since I traveled to Spain and not a day goes by where I haven’t felt the itch to return. There’s much of the country I didn’t get to see, such as the autonomous region of Asturias, which is the area where the subjects of this post hail from.

Axolotes Mexicanos is the name of one of the poppiest indie-pop groups on the face of the Earth. The group features Olaya and twin brothers Stephen and Juan all from Asturias, which, I guess, makes them the Spanish version of Blonde Redhead, at least as far as a lineup goes. And while the name is regionally incorrect, the sound is definitely spot on.

Axolotes are those insanely cute little lizards indigenous to Mexico that inspired a Pokémon creature. Axolotes Mexicanos’ style is just as insanely cute with a sound that hops from indie pop to punk, oscillating from early ’80s Spanish punk to late ’90s ye-ye pop.

Check out their EP, Infectados, via Elefant Records, home to a million other cutesy Spanish groups, and watch the video for the EP’s title track below, directed by Javi Camino.