Listen: Empress Of's "Tristeza" Remixes by El Guincho and Pional [ESP]

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NYC’s Empress Of recently dropped the breathy, stripped single “Tristeza” from her four-song EP, Systems. Pitchfork called her music “tantalizing,” which feels apt, but since I have never used that word earnestly ever in my life and will probably never have to, I’ll try and find new words to describe Lorely Rodríguez. First of all, her Web site is the most bonkers thing ever. It’s Craigslist repurposed with fun surprises at every click. If you want to see Dolly Parton on a treadmill, click on “parade.” If you want to see an ill-fitting bikini, click on “3.14.” It’s all-inclusive. But I digress.

Music, that’s what she does. And this week Empress Of got the remix treatment from Spain’s El Guincho and Pional. Both acts take “tantalizing” stabs at “Tristeza.” Pional’s remains true to the song’s original aesthetic, while Guincho takes a more Guinchian approach (lots of jittery beats and a-tempo rhythms). Both are worth a listen so take a gander below.