Listen: Moreira's Baby EP, Pao [PR]

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Moreira is José Iván Lebrón, a new voice to us, but an old timer in the Puerto Rican local scene. A former member of La Máquina de las Pausas, Las Abejas, and Venera-3, Moreira is currently pedaling his upcoming debut EP, La Ira Secreta (August, Sonovibe Records). In advance of the release, he’s shared a two-song mini EP cut from the larger EP. The baby version, titled Pao, showcases Moreira’s love of everything chill, whether it’s the slow expansiveness of the title track, or the ethereal nature of his duet with Ana Cristina, “La vergüenza.” As different as these tracks are—“La vergüenza” feels less rooted in the cold-digital world—they both share a desperation that’s lovely to hear. Download the two tracks at Moreira’s bandcamp for real cheap.