Listen: Pablo Malaurie's Second Solo LP, El Beat de la Cuestión [ARG]

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On June 1st Buenos Aires singer Pablo Malaurie released El Beat de la Cuestión, the follow up to his 2010 solo debut, El Festival del Beso. After his time spent as lead singer of mid-aughts local heroes Mataplantas, Malaurie took his distinct voice and multi-instrumental talents to create a riskier project. While Mataplantas trafficked in boyish indie pop-rock, Malaurie’s solo work finds the singer contorting his voice in rougher, more aggravated ways, finding a space that can contain his eccentricity.

The music on this collection is varied, stringing together folk guitars and ukuleles, fey synths, and the occasional 808 beats. At the forefront is always Malaurie’s flamboyant voice, giving this sophomore LP a fuller, more explored sound. In “Interferencias totales” he sings, “El sonido de la nueva era está creciendo,” and it’s clear that Malaurie is doing his part to contribute to this emerging collective sound.

Also, watch his 2010 Take Away Show for La Blogothèque below.

Pablo Malaurie – A Take Away Show – #106, Part 1 from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.