Local Eats: Miami’s Maracuyá Serves Up Fried Plantain Sandwich, The Yoyo

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Photo Credit: Carina Ost

Twitter: @danieluh

It seems like we’ve found our summer food vice: sandwiches enveloped in deliciously fried/sweet things. We discovered the Jibarito at Chicago’s Borinquen Restaurant and the Pastelito Burger at Miami’s Pincho Factory, all which made us forget that we trying to fit into our summer swimsuits. Not a city to be outshone, Miami stepped up to the plate of decadent dishes with The Yoyo, a plantain sandwich served at Venezuelan restaurant, Maracuyá.

Maracuyá has only been open for about three months in North Beach, but word has been spreading of their family-run traditional Venezuelan menu, which boasts arepas, cachapas, patacones, empanadas, and of course, The Yoyo. What makes the Yoyo stand out from the rest? The fact that the plantains are fried, yes, but to make things all the better/worse, they are then battered and refried. You then have your choice of chicken, shredded beef or pork as a filling, topped off with lettuce, tomato and cheese to maybe make you feel a little better about what you’ve just consumed.

You can try the Yoyo (only $6.25) and more at Maracuyá on 7315 Collins Avenue in Miami Beach.