Local Eats: In More No Bread News, Pincho Factory Serving Pastelito Burger in Miami

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We may or may not be very hungry at the Remezcla offices right now. So, in other VERY IMPORTANT sandwiches-with-no-bun-related news, like the epic Borinquen sandwich from Chicago, we have just stumbled upon the beautiful Pastelito Burger. And if you imagine it’s a hamburger with pastelitos as the buns, you are absolutely correct. For the rest of the month, Pincho Factory will be offering the delectable concoction for those of us who love sweet and savory mashups. Pincho Factory is somewhat of a local legend for their burger creations, and in the past have served quesadilla, duck poutine, and fritanga burgers.

If you want to forget about your summer bikini diet for a minute, you can try the Pastelito Burger for limited time at Pincho Factory at 9860 SW 40th Street in Miami. Please, have one for us!