Looking for Miranda!

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Today we were looking through some CDs we have here at the Remezcla Headquarterz and we found one from Miranda! We couldn’t help but wonder: where is Miranda!?

For those who haven’t heard of them, Miranda! is an Argentinean pop group with really catchy, danceable songs with funny, tongue-in-cheek lyrics, which are sometimes scandalous. Their first hit “Don” comes from their 2004 album Sin Restricciones, which also includes songs like “El Profe” and “Yo te diré“.

Now back to the question, where is Miranda! now? Well, Bruno de Vincenti (programming) left the group, and the remaining members have been pretty busy these past few years touring around Latin America and Spain and making their new album Miranda es Imposible! which came out in August 2009 but hasn’t spawned any hits in the US yet. Hopefully that can be reason enough to make them come around here, and make us dance, jump and laugh like they know how to.

Here, watch the video for one of their newest songs “Lo que siento por ti.”