Looking to take a last minute Spring Break trip?

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For those of you looking to get away for a last minute Spring Break getaway (or post-Spring Break), one element of the recession we can use to our advantage is travel. With airlines offering airfare at 25-60% of usual spring fares, the key is finding a way to navigate the deals out there. Websites such as and not only help steer your way through the sea of websites all aimed at finding travel deals, but they also offer top 20 vacations on a weekly basis, based on criteria you pre-select, that they will send to you via email. Online travel shopping just got easier.

Recent deals that have got the travel bugs crawling were flights from New York to Rio or Sao Paulo for $230 each way or roundtrip and direct from Los Angeles for $674; San Francisco to Mexico City round trip for just $414 or to Puerto Vallarta for $308. A three night stay including airfare and tour of Costa Rica for just $349. Even flights to Barcelona and Madrid can be found for $600 or under—at these recession special prices, it may be just the perfect excuse to get away.