Los Dynamite tonight!

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Are you "Ready, ready" for Los Dynamite’s Chi-town debut tonight at Metro? Warm up watching the video for their song "Ready, ready" off their debut album Greatest Hits, released on Noiselab Records in Mexico in 2006. Yes, they named their first album Greatest Hits. Pretentious, you say? Como dicen por ahi, a band’s best songs are always on the first album. Or perhaps they didn’t know if they were ever going to record another one. But fear not earthlings, Los Dynamite are currently working on their sophomore effort, with producers such as Tito Fuentes (Molotov) and Martin Thulin (Los Fancy Free.)  Judge for yourself tonight, and read our interview with the band in our Musica page .Photos of tonight’s show soon in our Photo Gallery.

Los Dynamite: "Ready, ready." Very Daft Punk, verdad?