Los Esmiths vs The Smiths

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The first time I heard The Smiths was last year, when I watched a documentary about the British indie rock movement. Since then and after watching (500) Days of Summer, I started to listen to them more and more and quickly The Smiths became one of my favorite bands. Is not difficult to become a fan of one of the world’s most famous British bands: their true-to life lyrics and hypnotic melodies are timeless and frontman Morrissey has become a music icon.

So today I found out about something interesting: a cover band of The Smiths from Calexico, California called Los Esmiths that has been around for 4 years.  You may ask: are they worth it? Well, listening to the songs they have in their MySpace, I will say they are pretty good. The singer’s voice resembles pretty much Morrissey‘s (and also wears the Moz‘s hair style!), and although the intro of “This Charming Man” is kinda strange, overall the band is ok.

And guess what? you have the opportunity to judge for yourself and go see Los Esmiths live on March 25 at Club London.

In the meantime, here’s “This Charming Man” by The Smiths, and played by Los Esmiths.

What do you think?