Los Fabulosos Cadillacs Mourn Band Member

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Gerardo “Toto” Rotblat, percussionist of Argentinean band Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, passed away at his home in Buenos Aires on Saturday. According to Argentinean newspaper Clarín, the cause of death was ruled as a pulmonary edema (when the lungs get filled with water.) The 38-year old was part of Los Fabulosos between 1991 and 2002 (recording seminal albums El león, Vasos vacíos, Fabulosos Calavera and their last one, the Grammy-winning La marcha del golazo solitario.) But Toto was very active until the end: the night before he passed, he played with one of his bands “Dancing Mood” and constantly played with other bands, as well as forming his own ensemble: Orquesta Jabalí.For the past few years had been playing with Puerto Rican singer Mimi Maura and her husband Fabulosos member Sergio Rotman. It’s been a sad year for Argentian music, in January, Gabo Mannelli, the bassist of the band Babasonicos, passed away from cancer.

There have been rumors that Los Fabulosos Cadillacs were going to reunite this year at El Festival Vive Latino in Mexico City in May, and we were looking so forward to it! Hopefully it will still happen.

Here’s a tribute a fan group did on YouTube; we can picture Toto laughing all the way from heaven watching this footage of Los Fabulosos singing “Matador” en Sábado Gigante con Don Francisco, with Toto himself lipsyching – hey, Don Francisco didn’t know the difference between Vicentico (que flaco se ve!) and Toto! They are definitely having a great time.

More tributes to Toto in LFC’s official page