Los Locals: Recommendations From Miami Nightlife It-Girl Veronica Gessa

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In this new column, we talk to culture makers and shakers around the country – people doing cool things in nightlife, photography, fashion, music, booking, etc. – about their opinions on the best local bands, venues, parties, and….. hangover food, because obviously. First up: Veronica Gessa, the Cubana hosting some of the dopest parties in Downtown Miami.

Veronica is a Miami native and has become a nightlife muse, so if you’re out on the town, you have most definitely bumped into her. Most recently, Veronica was an Associate Producer for the III Points Festival in Wynwood, Miami’s first multi-venue art/music/technology fest which hosted some of the hottest acts from Young Turks, DFA Records & beyond. In addition to being a nightlife contributor to various blogs, she currently hosts a weekly Ladies Night at Blackbird Ordinary.

Name: Veronica Gessa

A/S/L? 24/F/ Miami, Florida

What do you do in Miami?Some may call me a Jane Of All Trades. My favorite things to do are producing events, throwing parties and voice-over acting. I love trying all sorts of work. I’ve done everything from coordinating television commercials to being a VJ at nightclubs. You’ve gotta experience as much as possible to know whats out there. 😉


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Tell us one of your craziest Miami nights out or your idea of perfect night out in Miami? Leaving the house at midnight is no surprise when you’re in Miami, I consider that prime time. The most memorable nights have always been when there are really great bands and DJs playing all over the city so you get to hop around and catch as much dope music as possible. The craziest Miami nights should always end after dawn, somewhere very dark or with a great view of the sunrise, or the pool at The Standard.

What local Miami bands/DJs should we have on our radar? Why?


Young Deville – Because they’re a great rock band and Miami needs more of that. Plus they’re all babes.

Jean Jacket – I’ve never not loved one of their sets and the visuals make you feel like you’re on psychedelics.

Austin Paul – He’s gonna Blow Up this year for sure. Probably one of the most talented young artists in Miami.


Chalk – Because he killlllled it during our III POINTS Boiler Room party.

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Bonnie Beats – Her style is amazing and she lays it down.

Miguel Milliones and Mike Deuce B2B are untouchable. (my idea)

Slap & Tickle dudes (Pirate Stereo, Panic Bomber & Santiago Caballero) all got it.

ESS & EMM – two gorgeous successful girls who own the night and can get away with playing disco tracks at SET.

Best venues for live music? I love watching bands on the carpet at Bardot. It’s a dark lounge right next to Gigi. It’s smaller, so the shows feel very personal and the energy is really special. They also have a pool table so that’s a major plus. Grand Central is amazing for larger scale shows, awesome lights, sound and kryo. Churchill’s for those rowdy punk shows & Blackbird Ordinary for my Ladies Night because…it gets wild.

Which bars/clubs do we NOT go to when visiting Miami? Anything below Washington Ave & 12th St is a waste of your time. Also, skip College Night in Coconut Grove. It’s all bros.

Best Latin place to get a hungover brunch? Enriqueta’s makes a mean mean Pan de Bistec and their croquetas are fantastic-sweet spot for some deliciousness to nurse any hangover. Versailles trumps everything though. (Ed note: A thousand times YES)

Best place to get a REAL Cuban cafecito? Honestly, go to Calle Ocho and take your pick!

Follow Veronica on Instagram @mokibaby to follow her adventures around Miami.