Los Locals: Recommendations from PHX DJ Musa Mind

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Photo: KO Photography

In this new column, we talk to culture makers and shakers around the country – people doing cool things in nightlife, photography, fashion, music, booking, etc. – about their opinions on the best local bands, venues, parties, and….. hangover food, because obviously.
This time: Edith Robles, a.k.a. Musa Mind, who will be performing 2/8/14 at REMEZCLA PHX, so don’t forget to RSVP.

I am 31 years old, Latina female, resides in Bird City y se habla español.

What do you do in Phoenix?
I currently DJ all over the valley with a residency at
Sidebar and Zoan. I also currently have my own studio and I am working on some beat making production.

Describe your style.
Im definitely a house head. So my sound mixing signature is heavily influenced by electronic music, but I also incorporate vast unlimited genres of fierce Latin beats, indie, nu disco, and house music to create complex layers of rhythm to escalate the crowd to a pulsating frenzy.

Tell us one about your craziest Phoenix nights?
I can remember a lot of crazy nights I’ve DJ’ed in phoenix but the most memorable one [was] my birthday party at Sidebar. I had a fun crowd that I DJ’ed for, and all my personal friends were there cheering and dancing! Everyone was enjoying themselves and even my mom got cray on the dance floor.

On a side note: I was completely sober too! Thats why I remember every detail and was able to see how the crowed went from sober to not so sober and who was linking with who! I see kisses, but I do not tell.

What’s the perfect night out in Phoenix?
My perfect night out in Phoenix is viewing the shooting stars with an indulging dinner and good company. If I’m not DJing.

What local Phoenix bands/DJs should we have on our radar? Why?
One of my favorite duo band that I been eye balling is Bongan Via. I got to witness [them] at the Crescent Ballroom, amazing show! I say check them out if you’re into electronic-folk sound.

Best venues for live music?
I really mostly enjoy the downtown scene, especially Crescent Ballroom for live music. They got the best live sound engineers and lighting, not to mention the great sound.

Best Latin place to get hangover food?
Best place to go eat while still drunk or hungover food is Tacos Yaquis! They got these vampiros with some salsa and guacamole que revive a los muertos. ¡Serio! If you don’t believe me, try it your self.

Best place to hook up?
I’m not a person who knows about hook ups, per se, but I do see a lot of action going on on Van Buren Street. Otherwise, I say in the bedroom. ‘Nuff said.

Which bars/clubs should we avoid if we’re going to Phoenix?
Mi madre thought me if I got nothing nice to say then dont say nothing at all as far as bad bars/venues, but I will say that i don’t go to Scottsdale much, unless its a headliner DJ I admire.

What should we expect from your new party, Blush Thursdays?
I have a new night called Blush @ Zoan that is once a month on thursday so be there or be square. What you will experience is flashback thursdays where I’ll be spinning all the best 80’s , 90’s and todays hits with a twist of house music. Its a ladies night but everyone welcome. Go go dancer will be dancing and the best bartender of the west Lexi, serving the indulgences.

Most inspring person?
Paulo Coelho is one who has inspired me to stay true to myself, especially in my music. In my musical journey, many doors have been shut down on me but learning not to take thing personal is a true gift. My favorite quote from Paulo is, “No permitas que tus heridas te transformen en alguien que no eres.”

Best hidden gem in Phoenix?
Mooney Falls is a waterfall in Havasupai, in our own backyard.

It’s a hike down the Grand Canyon, and it’s about 10miles. A place to zen and let go of the old and welcome the new. I recommend everyone experience it at least once. I never knew we had it in Arizona until someone recommended it to me, so I am recommending it to all. It truly made me realize [I had to] go after my dreams and find inner peace. Because of this experience I quit my full time job, went back to school, and graduated as an audio engineer.

And here I am.

Favorite Spanish curse word:
Mi favorita mala palabra en español es: ¡a la madré!